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Corner pergola by patio

Decking & Timberwork Specialists

If you're looking to expand your living area or create an inviting gathering spot, a well-designed deck can greatly enhance the use of your outdoor space. Gardens of Inspiration offers bespoke decking construction services tailored to your specific needs.

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Expert Construction Services

In addition to traditional wooden decks, we also specialise in timberwork construction to add character and charm to your outdoor space. We work with you to design and build the perfect decking area for your home. From pergolas and gazebos to fences and trellises, our skilled landscapers can create unique timber structures that complement your deck and enhance the overall design of your garden. Get in touch for more information.

Building Trellis Panels

Trellis side panels add decorative element to your garden while providing support for climbing plants and vines. Whether you're looking to create a seating area, a privacy screen, or a stunning backdrop for your flowers, we can design and build practical trellises to suit your needs. With a variety of materials and styles to choose from, we help you create a trellis that complements your landscaped garden and adds visual interest to your outdoor space.

Garden corner decking

Wooden Garden Pergolas

Pergolas are an elegant addition to any garden, providing shade, privacy, and a sense of shelter. Whether you envision a retreat for relaxation or a stylish outdoor dining area for entertaining, our team can design and build high-quality wooden pergolas that meet your needs and exceeds your expectations. With options for open-air or slatted roofs, as well as trellis work, we can create a pergola that improves the beauty of your outdoor living area.

Sleeper Walling

Sleeper walling is a versatile and durable option for creating raised beds, retaining walls, and garden borders. Made from sturdy timber sleepers, sleeper walls add depth and dimension to your landscape while providing practical solutions for terracing slopes, defining planting areas, and preventing erosion. Our team has the expertise to design and build sleeper walling structures that not only boosts the appeal of your garden but also improves its overall use. Contact us to learn more about our decking and timberwork services.

Wooden island box in lawn area

Garden of Inspiration, based in Nottingham, believes that quality begins with the materials we use, which is why we source only the finest timber from local suppliers for decking and timberwork projects. You can trust that your outdoor space will be built to last.

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